Ready for spring? I know we are! Come learn about all sorts of Matt's favorite Spring/Fruited beers!

105 West Beer Tasting April

What's on Tap?

A 105 West Beer Exploration Hosted by Matt

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Join Matt as he introduces you to some of his favorite Spring/Fruited Beers!

Experience new beers to enjoy this summer!

Matt is going to take 30 lucky people - or at least the first to buy tickets - people through a tasting of his favorite spring/fruited beers. We'll sip and discuss what we like, what we don't and which ones really hit the sweet spot.

How do I secure my spot?

$35 per spot. Tickets are available online only. Please keep your confirmation email as your ticket into the event.

Case Club Members! Check the weekly email for your own discount code!

Secure your spot today, and we'll see you on April 16th at 6pm.


Taste Matt's Favorite Spring/Fruited Beers!


Tuesday, April 16th 6:00-7:15pm


105 West Brewing Company

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