Enjoy a wine tasting and charcuterie pairing with Bear'l Cellars

Bear'l Cellars Wine Tasting

What's on Tap?

Enjoy an evening of wine tasting, excellent wine conversation, and a charcuterie board

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Enjoy an evening of blind tastings, wine conversation and good food.

Bearl' Cellars prove that you don't have to be in Europe or California to enjoy delicious wines. We'll prove it to you. Put your taste buds to the test when you take on the blind wine challenge during an evening of sipping and noshing in the Bear'l Cellars space.

What does the tasting entail?

We'll meet at 105 West Brewing at 6pm, where you'll be treated to a complimentary glass of house white, red, sparkling or chardonnay.

At about 6:15 we'll make our way down to Bear'l Cellars for a blind tasting of five different wines with varying price points. We'll discuss and rank the wines in order. We think you'll be surprised what you find.

We then conclude the evening with a barrel tasting from our aging wines, just to check in and see how the vintage is developing.

Plus, you'll meet Larry the Head Winemaker Dude!

Is there food involved?

Yes! Each guest ticket includes a charcuterie board made by 105 West Pizza Company.

How much does this evening cost?

The all-inclusive tasting is $50 per guest.


Bear'l Cellars Wine Tasting


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Monthly. Choose your date at checkout.

6 p.m. to 9 p.m.


$50 per guest

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