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Paul V. Dannels, born on January 7, 1950, his mystery ship took him beyond the sunset to life eternal on March 14, 2020, after battling Bulbar ALS.

Despite the diagnosis on January 18, 2019, Paul embraced love and hope, never yielding to negativity. His favorite song, "Ride Captain Ride," echoed his thoughts on this journey.

Paul's light continues to inspire us as we remember his courage. In less than 14 months, ALS progressed swiftly, but Paul faced it with grace and humility, leaving behind a legacy of wisdom, compassion, and love. His impact touched many lives, fostering a supportive community, his cherished "Village."

Honoring Paul's life and spreading awareness about ALS remain crucial. His selflessness, kindness, and infectious smile are remembered fondly. Paul's faith, love for family and friends, and resilience serve as timeless lessons for us all.

Paul was our Witness and taught us to live life to its fullest each day.  The fortitude that Paul displayed as he traveled his journey with ALS to the sunset is a life lesson to all of us.  Paul’s gentle, kind spirit and incredible faith in God lives on.  

Paul’s Mottos Became:

Always BE Humble & Kind & It’s OK To Be GOOD

​This Is Why Paul’s Mystery Ship Sails To End ALS.

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