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105 West is your local community Brewery.  We were founded in 2015 by local Homebrewer and Army Veteran helicopter Pilot, Eric.   Our main goal was to make a variety of great craft beer and serve it in a tap room that builds long term friendships and relations.   

Our beer is designed to be among the best.  With 2 Great American Beer Festival awards, we think we are doing pretty well.    

You'll notice our tap room is a little different.  It warm, welcoming, friendly and we prohibit tipping the servers.  All of our servers are paid higher wages and many work in multiple areas of the brewery.  We wanted to ensure wherever you worked each day your pay was not subject to the whims of a busy night at the bar.  We feel we succeeded with the most friendly staff around willing to talk to you about our beer and much much more.  If you do happen to leave cash behind, we do take it!  We give it to a local non profit of the month to help build a better community.


The Brewers

While our founder does not brew as much as he wants to, we've got two of the best in the business to run day to day operations. Both are part owners of the brewery.

Kjell Wygant has been brewing for over 10 years.  He serves as our head brewer.  Kjell is known for his creativity in the Colorado brewing industry.  He's responsible for our weekly Friday small batch release we call "Bear Naked Friday."

Jason Butler is our Director of Brewing Operations.  Jason's background as an Engineer and Manager serve him well to tweak the more scientific side of brewery recipe and logistics planning.  He's also the main Canning Line Operator. 

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